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We suffered a lot to create our Apps.
But now, we made it easy peasy for you to have yours!

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Is a perfect opportunity for startups, businesses and idea owners to start their web and mobile Apps with high time, resource and cost efficiency.
We are a B2B2C business.



For the entrepreneurs and business owners having a good Mobile App is a nightmare. UI/UX, even Cross Platforms production, programmers, project management, time lines, creating proper foundations and practical programing modules all are part of this disaster.

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in app creation you have at least:

Problem 1
Dealing with Servers, Platforms, Services AND Backend Developers
Problem 2
Paying for lots of 3rd Party Services [Push Notifications, SMS Gateways, SSL Certifications &…]
Problem 3
Wasting time for the development of Apps common needs. [reinvent the wheel]


BackEnders Solutions
Cloud Based Backend System

BackEnders will handle Physical Resources, OS
Platforms, Databases and System Services
No more Subscriptions
BackEnders is an All-in-One 3rd Party Services,
and it will provide Push Notifications, SMSs, SSLs, CDNs and so on
Do not reinvent the wheel
BackEnders will provide Apps common needs [User Management, CRM, Monitoring, Subscriptions, Payments and more]

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What Else BackEnders do?

It has more than ten ready to use A to Z
scenarios for Application productions:
* Media Streaming [like Spotify]
* Social Networking [like Instagram]
* Online Shopping
* Customer Relation Management System
* Reminders & Notes
* Geo Services [like Uber]
* Booking Systems [like Air BnB]
* Enterprise Services
* Invoicing system
* Easy wide sheet creation
We are adding more.


Birth of Service

We are a Startup business company. At the begin of the story we wanted to create an app but we came up with an idea to create a system to accesslate and easses other businesses to reach their web and mobile apps quick, easy and low cost. A package to
achieve general development needs.
We are monitoring the market to provide couples of most useful and new modules every year

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Why Now?

There was almost a big bang in programming and app generation industry since pandemic started and this industry is growing fast.
Business and idea owners usually are facing to
Run out of cash - Not the right team - Losing Time
User UNfriendly & more
With BackEnders, Startups have this chance to Launch Faster with lower cost. They can focus on UI/UX and idea, without oversizing their organization


Target Market

Startup businesses
Migrating to our ready to use back-end is an opportunity for startups to make their services safer, faster and more reliable. They can add more features to their apps faster and stop paying about infrastructure and subscriptions
Ideas, MVPs
It's the best choice for MVPs, They can start their businesses faster and focus on their Front-end instead

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Size the Market

BackEnders Solutions can handle all of the back-end needs of Startups in various categories: Apps, Sites, IoT and, Wearables.
According to Statistics and Reports, There are more than 141k MVPs or Startups in Europe that did not use any Cloud back-end Services and do not have their private infrastructures.
If each Startup serves an average of only 1,000 users, the approximate number of users will be 141 million.


Direct Competitors

Kinvey, Backendless, Back4App, Parse

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Indirect Competitors

Firebase, AWS Amplify, Game sparks, Cloudboost


Competitive Advantages

Advantage 1
We are offering ready to use Scenario
Advantage 2
We are working on our Scenario Store, So it will have more
profit on backend markets
Advantage 3
We provide payment gateway for IAP or Direct Payments
Advantage 4
Push notification, SMS, Automated Calls same time

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Meat the team:

Aminollah Jalili
Founder and CEO

Business Analyzer
Marketing Strategist


Meat the team:

Alireza Goudarzi


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Happy clients in Dubai, Eu, ME


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