About us

We are BACKENDERS. We created a Backend as a Service to give the developers easy and hassle-free programming and development ability. We built a set of backend modules for those who want to create web and mobile applications.
Now the Backenders feature sets are only one click away from your fingers.

What did we do? and what are we suggesting?

Our Feature sets can handle all of the backend needs of Startups in various categories: Apps, Sites, IoT, and Wearables. According to Statistics and Reports,
There are more than 141k MVPs or Startups in Europe that did not use any Cloud Backend Services and do not have their own private infrastructures.

Our Advantages:

We Have ready to use scenarios

We provide code-free API management.

We provide data management in GUI

Push notification, SMS, and automated Whastapp same time

We provide code-free user management, so you can easily add, remove, block, and authenticate users on your Front-End.

Finished Projects

Happy Customers

User Satisfaction