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Helps Startups to run, reliable and fast

Our Feature Set allows businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. It helps you to run your startup business at least 40% faster and easier.
Our Feature set includes:

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Start your business smoothly

Backenders is an All-in-One 3rd Party Services,
and it will provide Push Notifications,
SMSs, SSLs, CDNs and so on
It will handle Physical Resources, OS
Platforms, Databases and System Services
Do not inventing the wheel
BFS will provide Apps common needs
[User Management, CRM, Monitoring,
Subscriptions, Payments and more]

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Included in our Feature Set

Media Streaming [like Spottily]
Social Networking [like Instagram]
Online Shop
Reminders & Notes
Geo Services [like Uber]
Booking Systems [like Air BnB]
Enterprise Services
It have more than 10 ready to use A to Z
scenarios for Application productions:
We are adding more.

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