To be more Successful,
just focus on your Front-End

When you want to handle your Back-End with Backenders,
you will have:
- Your Back-End so fast, easy, and safe.
- Enough Servers, no matter for 1, 1k & 1M users.
- Push Notification, SMS, and Messaging gateway
- This chance to have a fully customized or new feature-set

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How we

Help teams to run, reliable and fast

Our services [Known as Feature Sets] allows businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. It helps you to run your startup business at least 40% faster and easier.
Our Feature sets include:

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Explore Backenders in a short 1-minute video.

You can have these Apps

Media Streaming [like Spottily]
Social Networking [like Instagram]
Online Shop
Reminders & Notes
Geo-Services [like Uber]
Booking Systems [like Air BnB]
Enterprise Services
It has more than 10 ready to use A to Z
scenarios for Application productions:
We are adding more.

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Not Complex but Complete

All things you need is an HTTP client [Axios or Fetch] to send your request and access the computed data using JSON. Our REST-full API is compatible with your Front-End. [JS, Android, iOS]

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