Create Applications

Accelerate work and unlock potential with powerful apps that connect your data, workflows, and teams.
You will have:
- An easy-to-use dashboard that you can customize based on your needs
- Graphs, charts, and statistics of changes.
- Push Notification, SMS, and Messaging gateway
- An easy-to-expand API to use Backenders as BACKEND of your app.

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Not only a dashboard, Not only on web

We are RESTful

Many of our customers use our service to build their Startups and Mobile Apps

DATASETS - Simple but powerful

With Datasets you can:
Create data tables.
Customize columns and their types.
Create data entry forms.
Have your own graphics UI.
Secure it with security permissions
Give access to Front-Ends [like your own mobile app] with REST API

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User Management

The User Management feature set is one of the reasons that we put Backenders in BaaS category.
With User Management you can:
- Register your users via OTP
- Send OTPs through SMS, Email, and Whatsapp messages
- Manage your dashboard users and end-users
- You can have multiple groups with different access levels

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