How to reach us:

email us:
Call us: +370 630 75771

Our address is:
A. GoŇ°tauto g. 8-215, Vilnius, Lithuania
P. Code: 01108

About us

We are a Backenders Company. We created a Backend as a Service to give the developers easy and hassle-free programing and development ability. We built a set of backend modules for those who wants to create web and mobile application.
Now the Backenders feature set are only one click away from your fingers.

What did we do? and what are we suggesting?

Our Feature set can handle all of backend needs of Startups in various categories: Apps, Sites, IoT and Wearables. According to Statistics and Reports,
There are more than 141k MVPs or Startups in Europe that did not use any Cloud Backend Services and does not have their own private infrastructures.

Our Advantages:

We Have ready to use Scenario

We are working on our Scenario Store, So it will have more
profit on backend markets

We provide payment gateway for IAP or Direct Payments

Push notification, SMS, Authomated Calls same time

Finished Projects

Happy Customers

User Satisfaction

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Executive Team

Meet our small team working in our startup

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Co-Founder & CEO

Business Analyzer
Marketing Strategist

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Zahra Joneidi
Developer and
UX an UI

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Infrastructure Engineer

Network and IT expert